8 Real Estate Hacks You Should Know


Discover 8 real estate hacks that everyone should know, whether you are a home buyer, home seller, or you have any interest in buying or selling a home in the future. These interesting alternate ways have been collected over a lifetime of experience in just about every major facet of real estate. They are ageless and all-inclusive. Furthermore, you’ll just discover these incredibly valuable hints here.** When buying, buy right or not at all! **
Owning your own home can be very expensive so you’ve got to be very careful how you buy it, what your intentions are, what your plans are and what your contingencies plans will be if you have to sell. Buying a home is like going to jail; it’s a lot easier to get in then to get out. ** When selling, your list price can never be too low **
Your list price can never be too low because the lower you list it, the more likely you’re going to originate what’s called a multiple offer situation and the people will bid the property right back up to what the market value is ** If you can’t qualify for a loan, get creative **
In this day and age, there are all sorts of resources available to people that do not qualify for an ordinary loan. There are so many ways to buy houses creatively and it ’s not completely complicated. If you have a dream of being a homeowner and you can’t qualify for a loan, that should not stop you. ** Get 3 Bids **
Get 3 bids, because when you do, you’re going to get 3 different answers. Plus when they know you have other people involved, they’re going to bring their A game. Hire the best by talking to the top 3 and get bids from each of them.  This is the hack of hacks, you will save money and you get the best out of people. ** Always maintain walk away from power **
If you are buying a house always be willing to not buy it. If the inspection comes back and there’s a problem if the appraisal comes back lower than what you have it under contract for and the seller won’t drop the price, be willing to walk away.  If you are selling a property, be willing to say no to a deal if it’s just completely the wrong deal. ** When buying, buy less than you can afford **
If you’ve never purchased a home before there is a whole new world of expenses coming at you that you won’t even see coming. you have no idea how expensive it is to own a home until you’ve owned one, so buy less than you can afford.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a miserable experience. ** When selling, your first offeror is your best one! **
Some people get a solid offer in the first day or two but think it’s too early to say yes, and so they hold out in the hopes of getting a better offer down the road. A buyer who is submitting an offer right away is usually your best bet. Your first buyer is usually the most qualified, and also your most interested party. ** Hire the Best **
This could mean hiring the best real estate listing agent if you need to sell a retail home that’s in beautiful condition.

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Source: Tess Marquez

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