Our Approach

Our small company local philosophy is first asking how to best help someone in their real estate dealings. The second part that is unique – find a solution and it does not have to be us!  Although often it is.  This is a subtle but important topic we discuss internally regularly.  Find solutions and truly help people, the money will take care of itself over time.

Our Story

After over 25 years in this business and helping thousands of homeowners we are uniquely positioned to quickly determine best courses of actions for people.  Need to sell fast or slow either homes or apartment buildings we challenge you to take our 5 minute challenge and reach out to us.

Meet the Team

I have been blessed to be surrounded by talented individuals as member's of our team that care deeply about doing a good job for all stakeholders.  I may be the leader, but in reality my role is to support them in doing a great job for you!

Rachelle Anne Photography

James Newgent

Principle Investor

Licensed Real Estate Broker

25+ years of experience (I started young;))

Next Steps...

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