Frequently Asked Questions:

can you really close in 10 days?

We can generally close in a couple days, however the closing/title firm needs to do their Title Search and provide clear title as well as prepare some docs.  Thus often it takes 7-10 days minimum and many times sellers themselves want to wait 3-4 weeks if they are residing in home.

Do we have to take your offer?

No.  Until all parties on deed sign a purchase and sales agreement there is nothing binding.

If I take your third option to List with your cash offer as fallback do I have to wait 90 days?

You are in control of the second part.  You are under no obligation to accept our cash offer even if you list first with us.  Or conversely should you want to take our offer 2 weeks into listing, you can do that as well.

How long is your inspection period?

Most of time we want a 20 minute inspection to formulate a solid cash offer or listing price.  We also have dealt with difficult tenant situations as well.

Why are you Licensed?

By dealing with a Licensed Firm, it adds in our opinion credibility.  Many years of education and strict practices when dealing with the public to protect the public good is a goverment mandate.  Maintining a license for 25+ years as we have should speak volumes.  Our question is why would you deal on such a major investment/transaction with someone that is not licensed?